The jewelry can be more than just a fashion. Smart jewelry is the answer for fashionable wearables that are ornamental and functional at the same time.

The brief was to develop safest smart bracelets that connect with smart-phone. I took the challenge of integrating electronics in gemlets and design the safest mechanical locks for the precious wearables. The project was received from a jewelry startup that competes with Pandora in wearable fashion.


The idea is to create the most secure locking when you wear it and easily detach the chain when you want to remove it.

Several latch methods were explored to design the perfect locking mechanism. Finalized method uses double chain locking with individual pin heads. This requires conscious act of holding the latch and pulling out at the same time. This has been proven as one of the safest ways to secure a precious bracelet.

Allied gems wanted to develop such fashionable wearables with safest locking mechanism to prevent the theft or accidental unlocking.