Xposture is a Home therapy for chronic pain patients

Chronic pain in injured patients maintains even after the healing process ends. The therapy helps the patients realize that the pain is not for real, and it doesn’t affect their body.

Adelante, a health-care group, located in the Netherlands, treats chronic pain patients with Exposure therapy. Adelante wanted me to develop a concept to improve the therapy and speed up the recovery process. I came up with a concept using augmented reality and body tracking technologies to analyze the patient progress.

Exposure Therapy

Chronic pain restrains people from performing daily tasks. Exposure Therapy is provided to these patients by Occupational therapists. I had an opportunity to visit Adelante rehabilitation center and observe the type of activities they do in the Exposure Therapy.

To create a concept that can assist therapists in reviewing the patient progress and making patients self-manageable gradually after the therapy to reduce relapse.

Motivate to move

Patients don’t know how well they are progressing. They perform well in the presence of an Occupational therapist, but when they come back home, they don’t realize how capable they are. So it is essential to motivate them towards moving their body.

The motion tackers in the gloves and socks track the activity to analyze performance. The results are projected live on the glass of the AR headset.

The system allows the patients to perform therapy at home. The trackers analyze the progress and update the therapists.

Final Design